Jira connect app Authorization issue

Hi there,
I have an authorization issue with Jira API when my app-connect tries to register some webhooks. Following the api documentation the app connect tries to make a POST to register some webhooks but the response that I get it’s an 401 No Authorization.

When building the payload (I’m using the example of Node.js with the request library) it passes the correct email and api_key (due to console log checks). So I have no clue of what’s going on, I have tried using axios or encoding the email and api_key on a base64 string but nothing.

More information on what I’m doing:

  • The authentication method of the user that I’m using on Jira is through Google authentication
  • The connect app was made in Vue
  • On the atlassian-connect.json I have not set the authentication method (right now it’s
"authentication": {
    "type": "none"


  • I have not set the JWT due to the framework that the app connect is written (cannot store information) and the documentation about the webhook registration does not specify JWT anywhere on the payload
  • I’m testing this application on Jira (via ngrok)
  • When the request is sent, in the Network tab in dev mode, the method used is OPTIONS, this returns the 401
  • The connect app just serves as proxy between another application and Jira
  • The webhooks that I’m trying to register are issue:created and issue:updated

Many thanks