Jira connected app - expose configuration options

I’m new to jira cloud development so these questions may have been asked, but I couldn’t find a reference here or in the docs.

Is there a way to expose a configuration for a connected app, which an admin can configure after installation?

Alternatively, let’s assume a situation where the plugin app needs to authenticate to another app, and the authentication is based on the specific tenant (for example user/password or access token), where could such data be stored in Jira and how can it be sent to the app?



you can always do a configuration module (check out adminPage module). That’s to have a button saying this is the configuration for that plugin. What’s displayed there is entirely up to you.

As for storing the data, you can use several options. Either a database where you’d keep your data (be careful what kind of data you store here as it might be sensitive data). Or use app properties. If it’s user specific, you can add it to user properties. Anyway, it’s a simple key: value object and not too hard to work with.


Thanks for your reply,
It does look like an admin page is what I’m looking for, and since the data is host-specific, do I understand you correctly that it’s up to me to store the data?

Hey, if I understood you correctly that you need to save some kind of config, then yes, you have to save that. If it’s host specific and related to the plugin/app itself, you could use app properties. Keep in mind it’s not for storing sensitive data and it’s 32 kB per property, so if you’re going to have to save a lot of data, then consider breaking it into smaller properties or use a database.
The procedure is simple. You have an endpoint /rest/atlassian-connect/1/addons/<app-key>/properties/<property-key> and it supports GET, PUT and DELETE requests. Check it out here.