Jira data-center Container image?

Hi there,

I am working on a docker image for jira data-center. The goal is to be able to easily start a docker container with a jira data-center setup (load balancer, multiple nodes, … ) and use this test environment to test your plugin.

This helps to quickly identify the error and make your plugin data-center compatible.

please write me your ideas if you are also interested in data-center plugin development :slight_smile:


Hi @Yassin,

I’m not really sure about your approach / use-case. There are already existing images (e.g.: https://hub.docker.com/r/atlassian/jira-software) and what you’d provide is a docker-compose file to setup e.g.: N nodes, database, loadbalancer / reverse proxy?

From my experience, most errors that can be caught are independent of Server / DC type deployments. Most often performance problems may arise if you have a too small dataset to test with. But then again, a sole docker approach that runs on my developer machine is not a production grade setup.

I’d like to understand your problem / use-case better.

Hey Dennis,

thank you for quick reaction and sorry for this late Response from my side. I have a Plugin which works only with Server and I would like to adapt it to Data Center. I used VirtualBox to set emulate a complete Data Center environment with 3 nodes and loadbalancer but since i found it very time-consuming to configure everything: jira/jiradatabase/loadbalancer/IP of the instances/… I wondered if I could simply everything with Docker and help me and other passionate developer who might not have deep system admin skills to setup docker/virtual data center environment. So instead i run my container and get a full data center Atlassian environment where i can install my plugin and test if my logic is doing exactly what I want.


For those who are trying to setup a n environment to test and improve their Apps for data-center (jira, Confluence, …), I recommend this tutorial which can help you setup a 2 Cluster data-center. You can then run your tests/benchmarks :wink: and improve your apps: https://comsystoreply.de/blog-post/jira-data-center-staging-environment