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Hello everyone!
Can anyone recommend not-outdated literature on developing JIRA plugins from scratch? The official documentation seems only sufficient for simple plugins.
It would be nice if theres a chapter about authentication process and blocking requests ( are filters sufficient for this?), as this - I assume - are the two main things needed for developing a multifactor authentication plugin, which I’m planning to do.
If by any chance Jobin is reading this: Does the newest Version of your CookBook also covers development process using Atlassian Connect, or isn’t it still that good of an approach as p2? Or do the two technologies may have different application areas, which I didn’t get from the official documentation yet?
If anyone can provide any type of additional information about the development of plugins/add-ons, it’s very much appreciated =)
Thanks in advance,

As far as I’m aware, there’s this page on Confluence regarding existing books.

Thx for your answer jeet.g!

Unfortunately this page hasn’t been updated for a long while, referring to books from 2011/Jira 5…

Somehow, I came across this thread :slight_smile: The new version of the book, JIRA Development Cookbook - Third Edition, is for JIRA 7 and up. But it doesn’t cover Atlassian Connect, which is specifically for building against JIRA Cloud. Connect and P2 are two different architectures and they have different application areas as you suspected. You still need P2 plugins on JIRA Server.

Hope that clarifies your doubt.


A lot of what I wrote in Practical JIRA Plugins on that page is still valid for P2 Java add-ons in JIRA. The main changes are around servlets and JavaScript I think. And Connect of course. Best place to start is with the Atlassian tutorials and add-ons in the Marketplace that provide their source code.

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As I am running the Jira server version anyways and not planning to use Jira Cloud, P2 seems like the way to go here, so Connect isn’t an option for me anymore.

Didn’t think o fthe marketplace before! I’m going to take a look at open source code and your books now.

Thanks guys! Helped a lot! :slight_smile: