JIRA Expressions API returns wrong timeSpent values

Hello everyone,

I am testing JIRA Expression API which seems to be a good solution since it returns up to 1000 issues in one request. However, I am experiencing a problem - sometimes the value returned for the field ‘timeSpent’ is not the actual one. So each request could return a different value. If anybody has encountered this and found a solution please let me know. Otherwise, I would like to ask Atlassian staff for help. See the attached files below. Thank you!

  "expression": "issues.map(issue => {type: issue.issueType, parent:issue.parent, summary:issue.summary, key:issue.key, status: issue.status,assignee:issue.assignee, versions:issue.fixVersions, estimate:issue.originalEstimate, timeSpent:issue.timeSpent})",
  "context": {
    "project": {
      "key": "TES"
    "issues": {
      "jql": {
        "maxResults": 1000,
        "query": "\"Epic Link\" in(TES-4)",
        "startAt": 0,
        "validation": "strict"

Result 1 (Correct):

Result 2: image

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Hi, @fkasapov,

Thanks for reporting this. It is a bug that I was able to reproduce and supply a fix for into our pipeline. I’ll let you know when the fix reaches production (should be tomorrow or on Monday).


The fix has been deployed :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick reaction!