Jira filters missing from migration

Hello! We’ve been working on server-to-cloud migration for our application, and while we mostly managed to make it work, there are a few things that are missing. For context, our app allows Jira users to configure objects that they can share with one another. The configuration of these objects can be very complicated, which is why we want to migrate them from server to cloud automatically.

We got most of it working, but one problem is that among other things they have references to Jira saved filters (similar to how Agile boards use one as a “data source”).

Unfortunately it looks like Jira only migrates saved filters when it migrates an Agile board that depends on them (and even that has some restrictions). The Jira filters our objects depend on are pretty much never migrated. We’d like a way to tell Jira or the Migration Assistant that it should also migrate these. (Not all of them, just those that we need for our migrated objects.)

As far as I can tell, there is no way of doing this yet. Am I missing something? Maybe some kind of API could be added to allow the server part to say “please also migrate Jira filter #1234”?

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Our app also wants filter migration.

[MIG-269] Add support to migrate global filters - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. is the feature suggestion.
It has been in progress since November 2020.

I wonder why Atlassian doesn’t work on it. It will be an obstacle to migrate to Cloud from Sever for many customers.


Hi Team,

I’ve recently opened this Suggestion as well

To help with this.