Jira Forge: Add more users to Developer Console to monitor metrics and logs

Hi team,

Is there a way we can add more users/developers to the Jira Forge Developer Console (Log in with Atlassian account)? We have an app deployed but looks like only the (single) author of the app can access the logs and metrics.

This is a much needed feature, if it is not available. We cannot access any metrics or logs without the sole author available, correct me if I am wrong.

cc @AngelinaIgnatova

There currently isn’t a way to share logs and metrics with other users. Only the owner of the app has access.
In future we plan on allowing multi-owner app ownership. This is when we plan to implement this feature.

Until then I have seen some teams use a shared developer account which all developers have access to.

If you have an existing app you’d like shifted to another user you can make a request here