Jira Forge APi call not taking place

ERROR 06:19:46.201 9086b3c3abbce87f route is not defined
ReferenceError: route is not defined
at /tmp/tunnel7TbpP9gvsrQiE/index.js:30748:38
at resolve (webpack://jira-project-page-custom-ui/node_modules/@forge/resolver/out/index.js:53)
at Reference.value (bootstrap.js:1:8669)

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @AbhinavSrivastava !

In order for the community to help you better, can you give us more context of the problem?

The following details would also be helpful:

  • what are you trying to accomplish (if in case we can suggest alternative routes)?
  • what have you tried already?
  • what specific API did you use?

I would also recommend going through this post to help you ask a good question to get the right information you need to move forward.



@iragudo thanks I forgot to import api { route } from forge api hence I was facing this issue. It is now solved

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