Jira Forge: Notify app author from Monitoring tools (Logs, Metrics, Installations)

Hi team,

Is there a way Jira Forge apps can notify/alert authors or site admins (e.g. email notification) about certain changes in the Monitoring tools?

We are planning to deploy a new app and we want to see if we can get alerted if, for example, the invocation success rate drops by a certain percentage or some custom logs are being fired more than usual.


Hi @DJO,

I am one of the PMs working on Forge. My team has been concentrating on app observability features lately and one of the features the team is working on is basic alerting. Note that a small group of partners are getting early access to all new features that are ready for testing. Last week we enabled early access to filtering by site/instance and soon we will enable basic alerting. I wonder if you will be keen to join this group to test features and provide feedback? Any feedback will be appreciated even if it is just one sentence. If so, please send me your app ID/s and we will add you to the program.

Once we set you up with the access you will be added to a private thread where you can share your thoughts.

Thanks heaps.



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@AngelinaIgnatova Thank you for your prompt response.

Certainly! Once we have the app ready, I can share the details with you.

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