Jira forge production app occasional error

Jira forge app shows The webpage at React App might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error
Even though it works in other instances , it’s happening occasionally though but still , I have been getting this error since over a year on different applications . Is there any ongoing ticket that’s made to resolve this issue where I can vote ?

Hi @dnavashola are you able to share a little more about the problem?

  • What Jira modules is your app using?
  • Is it using UI Kit or Custom UI?
  • What does your app do?


  • What Jira modules is your app using?
    It’s using projectpage, issueGlance and adminConfigure modules
  • Is it using UI Kit or Custom UI?
    Custom UI-React
  • What does your app do
    I don’t think it’s not an issue with what the app is doing considering, I faced similar issues for completely different application doing a completely different thing , this issue has been around for quite a while now

Hi @dnavashola,

Some users were experiencing similar issues in My own application does not load - #9 by klaudia.brisakova - however I don’t think it was intermittent.

If the recommendations there don’t work, I’d recommend you raise a support ticket so we can investigate with the forge team further.

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