Jira Front-End API: How can we listen to the ISSUE_REFRESHED event?

Following Atlassian’s announcement: Jira Front-end API

We’ve tried to use our modules. Unfortunately, Atlassian says “it is not recommended to use modules starting with jira other than the ones on the API list”, “Entering into force: This contract will enter into force with first public release of Jira 9.0.0.” (so it’s an emergency), and the plugin only provides jquery-2.2.4 and underscore-1.8. They say to provide any feedback here, with the tag “j9-frontend-api”, so here I am.

How are we supposed to perform simple stuff like ISSUE_REFRESHED events like below (or formerly with JIRA.Events.bind(…)):

], function($, JIRAEvents, JIRAEventTypes){

    JIRAEvents.bind(JIRAEventTypes.ISSUE_REFRESHED, function() {