Jira Insight REST API, attribute insertion, additionalValue for object reference?

Good Morning,

I am currently working on a python script for Jira Insight insertions. I succeeded, not without difficulty, to insert some objectschema, objecttype and attributes. However I am stuck with trying to insert an Object reference attribute because I don’t understand how to use the required field “additionalValue”.

Here is my json object before insertion :

object_json = {
"Name" : "Reference Name" ,
"type" : 1,
"typeValue": environementJIRA.FatherID, (just some oriented objet program)
"additionalValue" : I don't know what to fill,
"defaultTypeId": 0,

Hope someone could unstuck me, I am still looking by myself while waiting.

Thanks by advance,

You welcome.

Well, I will reformulate a bit my question. Where could we find the Id of the reference type ?

(From this documentation : REST API - Object type attributes | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation)

Thanks by advance,


I finally got the solution. I created via the Jira Insight graphic interface a reference attribute like I wanted to have before doing a request on all the attributes of the object where I placed my attribute reference. So I did get the Id of the reference type and I am then ready to insert them with my script.

Hope my adventure will help somebody.