"Jira is under heavy load" when trying to create a lot of projects


I’m trying to create a lot of projects (about 2000) on a dev instance using a script and REST API. I need such a number of projects to properly test a feature in my app. The first 200 projects get created without error but then the returned response says that Jira is under heavy load. The same happen subsequently after I run the script again - I’m able to create max another 20-30 projects, even if I make only one request per five seconds or so.

Is there anything I can do to temporarily raise the Jira’s limit?


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Nope. You need to “pace” your script - make sure you make pauses between project creations. It’ll take longer but at least it’ll work.

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Do you reckon it would go faster if, instead of using the Jira REST API, you create your own REST module endpoint called “/rest/myaddon/1.0/provision” and use the ProjectManager service to create them programmatically?

This is what I will do - as you said, at least it’s gonna work.

Is it possible with Jira Cloud? It seems that I would need to write a Java plugin but isn’t it the case that only Connect apps can be installed on a Cloud instance?

You are correct his question applies to only Server. :slight_smile:

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Yeah sorry i always have trouble identifying if a thread is about server or cloud