JIRA Issue Creation API Behavior

We are creating JIRA issues through our Add-on. We are using atlassianHostRestClients.authenticatedAsAddon() for authenticating the request. We are also populating reporter field in the JSON payload. When the issue is created, it is created with our add-on name instead of the reporter we are sending in the payload.

Additional info: When we try this in another instance (which is free plan) the issues created are having the reporter sent in the JSON payload. But when we try in paid standard plan, the issue is created with reporter field having our add-on name. Why this mismatch in behavior between free and paid plans?

Hi @ShenbagaMurugan,

It is possible that the Modify Reporter project permission was not granted to the app (usually this can be done by granting the project role atlassian-addons-project-access access). There are a number of ways to verify this:

  1. In the app, while authenticated as addon, call GET /rest/api/3/issue/createmeta?projectKeys={yourProjectKey}&expand=projects.issuetypes.fields. Verify if the reporter field is returned - most likely it isn’t returned for the projects where the addon name was used.
  2. In Jira, check the project permission scheme screen and search for Modify reporter
    . Ensure that the project permission allows apps to modify the reporter.
  3. In the project permission scheme screen, click the Permission helper button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, select your app as the user, select an issue of the same issuetype you are trying to create, and select Modify reporter as permission. This will tell you if your app can modify the reporter field; if the app is not allowed, it will list the reasons why the app cannot (and you can fix the permission from there).

Hope this helps!