Jira issue macro does not show select list custom field values - data just wont be displayed

Probably its related to deprecated select list options API calls but
Jira issue macro does not display single select custom fields values and just leaves imrpession that value does not exist - thus user just gets completely wrong data to confluence without even knowing.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create custom field (single select) , define options
  • update some issues and set values for this field
  • go to confluence and display this field out
  • result empty cells in jira issue table on confluence page

Its highly possible that same is happening with multi-selects, but just leave testing that out to Altassian.

Any comments from Atlassian? Atleast let people know that its a bug and customers will live with some knowledge. Right now its like - am I the only stupid here?!?!?

Thank you for your report! I have confirmed that the issue you mentioned occurs on my prod instance. I suppose the problem is on the Confluence side so I have reached out to a proper team internally.
I will keep you updated.

It would be useful if you could say if it’s a regression and it was working properly earlier or if it’s a recently introduced behavior.

I’m back with the update.
I have created a public bug and I encourage you to watch it.