Jira localhost unresponsive after run

Hi Community,

I am running Jira from SDK and pretty recently, I observed that it is getting very slow after spinning it. I tried various versions but all showed similar issues. I also have Jira server on my machine, which works fine without any problem (connected to H2 as well as Postgres).

Even a fresh skeleton project spun Jira is getting unresponsive. I tried to connect with Atlassian support but its not evident on to what is causing this. We tried increasing the resources as well but did’t help (–jvmargs “-Xmx1500m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m”). and I am attaching the thread analysis.

I recently had a patch for my OS (RHEL 8.2). Other than that, I cannot think of anything significant that has happened on my machine.

Any insights are welcome!