Jira Market Size for Addon Internationalization

Will Atlassian provide any insight or information on the potential market for internationalization of Apps?

We have a Jira eSign app that we are evaluating adding i18n support for. Our questions include how many Jira customers/users use Jira Cloud in non-English languages? And what are the top 3 to 5 languages that would be valuable to invest in.

Appreciate any insights from Atlassian or other partners on this topic.

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Hello? Anyone from Atlassian or experienced partners with insights into Jira i18n usage?

Hi @Chris_at_DigitalRose ,

You should definitely provide German translation. This market is very important and account for at least 10 of our sales. We also have provided a French translation (our native language but many customers too) and will most likely do a Spanish one eventually.

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Thank you Yves! Appreciate the guidance.

Here’s the country breakdown for one of our non-Cloud apps. While this is just one data set, and we’ve seen country adoption rates differ a bit from app-to-app depending on regulatory and cultural priorities and biases, the group of top 8 countries has been relatively consistent for us over a decade of selling on Marketplace. As a result we’ve focused on English, German, Japanese and French. It’s possible the demographics look different for Cloud where the majority of customers are very small and have much lower thresholds for buy-in.



That’s interesting that Japan is such a big customer for you. They only account for a few licenses for us. Absolutely nothing compared to the others. For example, Sweden and the Netherlands are 10 times bigger than Japan. Maybe we should concentrate some efforts there as well :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this @davidg

Hi @Chris_at_DigitalRose,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Please find attached a report detailing the Top 50 Countries by active, paid licenses for Confluence and Jira base products. Across all platforms.

I hope this helps.

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Top 50 Countries - Confluence and Jira.pdf (39.7 KB)


Thank you so much Anna!