Jira: Migration check claims out-of-date JCMA, but no update available

I’m trying to test migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud in my local development environment. I’m running Jira Server 8.16.0 and during the creation of the migration setup I get an error saying that “The Cloud Migration Assistant is out of date” and when I click on the “Update to continue”-link, it brings me to Manage Apps screen and from there I check for update for JCMA, but there is none. It says the installed version is 1.4.4 and that’s it.

Should the JCMA work already or is it a work-in-progress?

@PetriJuhaniRiipinen welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

I can understand why you posted here, but I really think you’ll get a faster and more accurate resolution from our customer-facing support. That said, I know from my field experience and peer network that JMCA should “work already”. It has helped many, many customers migrate their projects and configuration. I even recommended it to my own family recently.

At the same time, it is also “work-in-progress”, in the sense that updates are made frequently to the front-end surfaced in Jira as the App, to the supporting APIs on the back-end, and to all the 3rd party Apps that utilize the Cloud Migrations “hooks” (the intended subject of this topic). We’re all iterating to cover more and more data, to avoid edge cases. That rapid pace of change can be a source of some configuration management problems.

Overall, I feel confident support can help and that you are on the right path.

Hi @PetriJuhaniRiipinen,

Both JCMA and CCMA has (mostly) monthly updates in order to ensure everything works correctly with our services. There’s a check in JCMA and CCMA to make sure you’re on the latest version and they require an update if you aren’t on the latest version.

I can see in Marketplace the latest version of JCMA is 1.5.1. If UPM isn’t detecting a newer version, please check that your Jira instance has access to Marketplace as this is where the check is made. You can, from your local machine test this with

curl --silent https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/addons/com.atlassian.jira.migration.jira-migration-plugin

and make sure you get a JSON response.

Otherwise, are there any errors in the logs related to this?


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Hi James,

Ok, I tried your curl command and it works fine, getting nice JSON response. Then I checked the Manage apps-screen and there I do see two User-installed apps that have updates available:

  • Atlassian REST API Browser has version 3.1.3 installed and it says 3.2.3 is available.
  • Mobile Plugin for Jira has version 3.2.2 installed and it says 3.2.3 is available.

So that should prove that the Marketplace communication works fine, right?

But again when I look at the System apps and in particular the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, it says version 1.4.4 is installed and does not offer any updates.

On the console or on logs I get no errors, the only related warning that I get is this:

WARN admin 922x4760x4 1qy4sk7 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 /rest/plugins/1.0/installed-marketplace [atlassian.upm.pac.PacClientImpl] The request to check for app updates may take longer than expected because 201 apps are installed that could have updates. This may impact the performance of loading the Manage Apps page.

But other than that, everything looks fine, just can’t get the JCMA updated and migration testing working.

That’s what it looks like in the app management:


Thanks for the checks. It’s super weird. One option is to manually install the latest version by downloading it from Marketplace

and installing it through UPM following the steps here

If that doesn’t work, I suggest reaching out to Support because there might be something else going on in your server.



Ok, that resolved it, after manually installing that jar the migration can be created without any warnings or errors!


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