Jira .NET SDK Create Issue with Components and CustomFields


I`m currently testing the Jira .NET SDK to create Issues following this documentation:

Unfortunately these examples dont go into depth and its not described how I can set Components for an Issue (typeof(ProjectComponentCollection)) or CustomFields (typeof(CustomFieldValueCollection)).
How can I create such collections and the necessary items? I know my project name and issue type.

Some help would be very appreciated :).


Hi Richard

We too are facing the same issue. Have you been able to find some solution to set the components.
It would be great if you can provide some suggestion.


Hi @kiranpreetk5,

unfortunately we were unable to include the SDK into our architecture due to some dependency conflicts and other requirements so we had to go another way. I used the Jira JavaScript API instead.

Nethertheless from my current perspective it looks easy and straight forward. Please see my following code that shows you how to do that with components (existing and new ones). I guess you can adapt it easily to CustomFields if necessary.


Hi Kiran, did my answer help you?