Jira or JIRA? (and asdasdasdasdasd to reach 15 chars in title)

My Confluence Cloud instance is stubbornly changing JIRA to Jira all the time, This did not happen some time ago. I’ve payed attention to the new Atlassian branding and it looks like JIRA (all uppercase) is now Jira in the logos.

Vendors were encouraged a lot of time ago by Atlassian to use JIRA (upercase) instead of Jira in documentation, marketing, stuff, etc.

Is now JIRA, Jira or both?

Jira now. All the rebranding at Summit was about consistency. Cloud’s autocorrection should catch up soon. JIRA is now “wrong” and we should all be saying Jira.

p.s. R.I.P Charlie.

Ok: then Jira Ok. and I will stop damning the Confluence’s spell checker by the way…

Indeed, we moved to Title Casing of product names with the new logo rollout. Background:

That would be an interesting read - but is restricted

@christoffer, I’ve updated your permissions so you can view that area of the Community.

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