Jira Plugin - JIRA.Forms.createCreateIssueForm not showing input box/combo box for custom fields added in Jira application

We are using following code to show Jira’s issue creation dialog. All the fields are working fine except some fields that were added to the issue form through another Jira plugin.

var issueForm = JIRA.Forms.createCreateIssueForm({pid:${projectId}});

issueForm.bind(‘sessionComplete’, function(evt,issues) {

process issues


var dialog = issueForm.asDialog({windowTitle: ‘Create Issue’});


We have built a Jira plugin and the above code allows us to show the create issue page in a separate application (not a Jira plugin or Jira application). However, due to the issue in JIRA.Forms.createCreateIssueForm only labels are shown and the input box/combo box are not shown. Is this a Jira defect or we are missing something.

Note - This question was asked in community forum (https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/JIRA-Forms-createCreateIssueForm-is-not-showing-combo-box-for/qaq-p/899962) and not in developer community. There was no confirmation on this. Hence thought of checking in the developer community once.

The screenshot of the Create Issue page is attached. Thank you!