Jira Plugin SDK and server version?

I have the latest Plugin SDK (v.8.2.7 from Atlassian Marketplace).

When I start the server with atlas-run, the server version is 7.13.0.

I’m looking at class IssueTypeSchemeManager. The 8.21.0 version (IssueTypeSchemeManager (Atlassian Jira - Server 8.21.0 API)) has a new method “getIssueTypesForScheme” that I want to use.

How can I configure Plugin SDK to reference a newer version (so it will compile) and run a newer version of Data Center?

I tried modifying jira.version in pom.xml, also tried atlas-run --version 8.21.0, but once started the server version is still 7.13.0.

The answer is, to change server version, you should change jira.version in pom.xml, then a clean is required.

For Eclipse, close/reopen the project after rebuilding using altas-mvn, and it will use the new API.