Jira Portofolio parent issue field JSON object instead of null or key

Hi Atlassian,

I’ve got a problem in Prime Timesheet cloud app due to recent change in Jira Cloud Portfolio plugin, so that jpo-custom-field-parent customfield produces JSON string with the following value in /rest/api/2/issue/{idOrKey} rest request, instead of null or issue key:

  hasEpicLinkFieldDependency: false,
  showField: false,
  nonEditableReason: {
    message: "Portfolio for Jira must be licensed for the Parent Link to be available."

Wonder if this is can be changed back? As it does not look appropriate. Or you can provide recommendation how to deal with it?

Thank you.

Hi, I’m from the JIRA Cloud Support Team and faced a similar customer request. Here is the information retrieved about this change to the Portfolio’s Parent field:

  • this custom field as it’s not supposed to be part of a public API you might not find documentation on this change.
  • This change in this custom field response was needed to fit with recent change such as the [new issue view|https://confluence.atlassian.com/jiracorecloud/the-new-jira-issue-view-938040503.html].
  • The shape of the response is not yet finalised, so you can expect it to change again within a near future.
  • Same is happening to the Portfolio’s Team custom field.
  • The issue-key can still be accessed in the field-object via data.key. But, this might change in the near future.

Hope this will help.


Cloud Support Engineer