Jira projectPage is broken

Hey there,

I’m not sure where to report this issue as its quite critical for us: the jiraProjectPage module is broken.

  • This is reproducible with the “Custom UI / jira-project-page” template of “forge create” command.
  • Affects production and dev. environments
  • Affects new and older apps
  • I don’t know if UI Kit modules are affected as well.

All projectPages just redirect to the project overview.

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Hey @JulianWolf the fix is already on the way.


Sounds goods, thank you! @mszpyra
I also raised DEVHELP-6004 for this.

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Could Atlassian please elaborate on this issue? A key (non-beta) functionality of Forge is currently broken.

  • Our users can’t use our app.
  • We can not even continue development as this affects every environment.

This is serious for us. When we can expect a fix?

The first apps are hitting marketplace and vendors heavily rely on Forge. I think Atlassian should provide more information about outages that seem to have a really large impact on all customers that have Forge apps installed. If this issue really affects all apps with projectPages I would have expected a notice on the Atlassian Status Page. Maybe a dedicated outage report for Forge (maybe just a category in this community) as discussed here with @AngelinaIgnatova and @JoelKalmanowicz would give vendors a better feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, we really like Forge. :slight_smile: But I think as Forge apps will soon conquer the marketplace we should have a more transparent process for such events.



@JulianWolf we are bound to release windows. The fix is already deployed on production and the problem should be resolved.


Great news, thank you! I can confirm that everything works as expected now :sunny: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: