JIRA REST API can't set a custom post function on transition


In my Forge App I have defined a custom post function via manifest. It works when I define this post function for a transition in workflow designer, and it is properly triggered on transition.

But, I have an issue when I’m trying to create a workflow with such transition/post function via REST API Create Workflow endpoint.

In the payload I’m setting the post function for transition as

"postFunctions": [
            "type": "ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/6a3b4c23-de8c-441b-aded-4cc0c7378a5e/0cb091b5-f60c-4481-9b4e-fca4077d46b0/static/grc-post-function"
            "type": "FireIssueEventFunction",
            "configuration": {
              "event": {
                "id": "13"

The error message I get is: “Transition “Done” - Rule “ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/6a3b4c23-de8c-441b-aded-4cc0c7378a5e/0cb091b5-f60c-4481-9b4e-fca4077d46b0/static/grc-post-function” - Unrecognized rule.”

Please advise if this is a proper way to define a post function type.