Jira REST API retrieve issues status

Hello there,
I am trying to programmatically get the Jira issue status using the REST api.
I am using .NET and I would like to query the REST api.
Could you please redirect me to some documentation or help me on this?
(I have used the search function and I cannot find what I need)
Thank you.

Your .Net code simply needs to ask for the issue over REST


gives you the basic calls you can make to get info. I don’t use .net, so I don’t know how to convert them, but a google for “REST and .net” seems to turn up a load of stuff on doing it.

Would you post the details of the search API call that you are making?

Hello David,
I have used the search function in this community to avoid the post to be a duplicate, sorry for the misunderstanding.
I am actually trying to get the status of a Jira’s issue without using the Atlassian SDK in .net.
I have found an article and querying the browser ‘http://jiraServer/rest/api/2/issue/xxx-####?fields=status’ return me less information than before (http://jiraServer/rest/api/2/issue/xxx-####).
I would like to know if using the REST api, there is a way I can catch the status only (“To Do”, “In Progress”…) and not the Issue’s tree detailed information.
Thank you for your time.