Jira REST APIs not fetching all the issues

Hello, I am trying to fetch around 10K issues from Jira using Rest API using “maxResults” and “startAt” in JQL. While doing that I noticed that some of the records are coming twice and some records are not coming at all. Below is the JQL I am using. Has anyone faced the same problem or have any work around for this.

I tried reducing the batch size but still same behavior. Any help is much appreciated.


It’s possible the search indexes are not in-sync and you need to do a Full Re-Index on a cluster member and publish the indexes to the remaining nodes for consistency.

You can confirm this by bypassing any loadbalancer and targeting a single member at a time and comparing search results.

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Thank you so much @sfbehnke. Tried this and it resolved the issue for me.

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Very cool. Glad to help, I’ve had some of my users (who are doing API development) report similar things. The inconsistency is caused because API requests are not getting a “session”, they aren’t getting stuck to a SINGLE node, they are getting round-robined from good node to bad node.

For the record, at SpaceX we do a weekly reindex over the weekend and get the indexes published around. I advise similar workflow for your teams using Jira Data Center.

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