Jira SDK pom - how to exclude resources for atlas-package

Hi together,

I am building an Jira pluging and try to avoid some resources being copied into final jar file when I use atlas-package.

Basically I want to adopt my pom file so that the following works:

  1. atlas-run uses all files in my resource directory
  2. atlas-package exludes some files when creating jar file

I tried to exclude file with the following section, but without any success. Excluded files still are contained in my jar file.


Would appreciate any hint how to setup my pom file correctly.


I suppose maven can’t understand the path to myfile. Please try to use double wildcards **:

Hi, thanks for the hint - i tried several variants of using double wildcards - unfortunatly this does not help.

Hi, I just found out, the issue was an additional statement in my pom that selected again files that had been excluded before. So my path and file descriptions were generally ok.