Jira Server App - SQL queries - jooq library

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I am currently researching how to build typesafe SQL queries in order to develop a Jira Server App and guarantee it to work on all supported databases. One approach is the jooq (https://www.jooq.org) library using the SQL translation feature from one dialect to another (https://www.jooq.org/translate/), however it’s necessary to buy the professional edition for developers. I did test this approach and it worked nice in open source databases such as MySQL and Postgres in Jira.

So, I would like to discuss and hear from you if there is another approach instead of jooq for building complex and typesafe SQL queries. Maybe jooq is the best option so far.

Thank you’ll =)

Andrey Bidinotto

Use ActiveObjects and you’ll be 97% there

Thanks Daniel for your reply! I use AO too, but I have complex queries that are really hard to accomplish with AO queries.


QueryDSL is the way to go currently.
JOOQ is great, but AFAIK it doesnt’t support all databases we need to support in open source edition (like oracle), unless you’re willing to spend a hefty sum for commercial edition. I’ve mentioned this in similar community post


We use QueryDSL (https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/atlassian-pocketknife-querydsl/src/master/). We had to work around some schema issues (somehow it didn’t choose for Postgres and MS-SQL and Oracle I think the correct schema) but otherwise really good to use.