Jira server/datacenter access REST API with PAT ( personal access token )

Hey Atlassian team,

I’m try to access Jira server/DC REST API with PAT - In response header I’m receiving “Set-cookie” JESSIONID and atlassian.xsrf.token and this two set-cookies overwrite my existing browser session ( we have chrome addon from where we are creating new user session ).
Any workaround to hide set-cookies while I’m accessing API with PAT. Actually PAT create new user session.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <yourToken>" https://{BaseUrl}/rest/api/2/myself

REST API I tried to access:



Hey @dmorrow - any help on this we hv complex business workflow and really stuck in accessing REST API with PAT.

We are running Jira Server/Datacenter + my user are creating new jira session from chrome addOn. While I’m opening session from chrome becox of set-cookies response header my parent browser session overwrite and user got logged out.

Any help will be appreciated or redirect me with right team who can help me to get my understanding clear.!