Jira Server: OAuth Setup Problem

One of our customer has installed “AIO Tableau Connector for Jira” add-on. The add-on requires an OAuth connection to be setup between add-on and Jira as per the instructions from Atlassian listed at this link: https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/oauth/

This process works for us and all the customers with hosted/DC versions use this to setup application link and grant oauth access to the app.

For this particular customer, we are getting a oauth_problem=“permission_denied” error at “Step 3: Authorize” in the above article.

We think this may be due to some setting inside Jira, which is causing this process to fail. The add-on is working properly for the same customer in another environment, but it is failing in the production environment.

Any pointers as to what could cause oauth_problem=“permission_denied” error, would be helpful.