Jira Server Webhooks POST request to CRM

Hi, I am new to working with Jira Automation, trying to figure out how to correctly send a Webhook request to Bitrix CRM, for example when the Jira task gets updated. The idea is to send the Jira issue fields information (such as Summary, Description, Priority, Dates and Comments) in the request. I believe those are somehow to be passed as variables in the request.

As an example I am using the following URL for POST request where the description in CRM item is updated (tested on Postman and it worked fine):

https://“bitrix domain”/rest/“userid”/“key”/crm.item.update.json?entityTypeId=160&id=166&fields[ufCrm14_1699893976436]=Test update from Postman

Is there a way I can attach the Jira task fields information via variables to the bitrix UserFields (ufCrm)?

Have you try using send web request in Jira Automation with smart value? sounds similar use case with the following article.