Jira Service Desk 4.0 EAP 08 – in time for the holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the last breaking change is here!

What’s inside?

We’ve removed com.atlassian.fugue from our automation API and SPI, and updated them to use Core Java Data types and Exceptions instead. Which means that you’ll need to update any automation-specific scripts, integrations or apps to use the new API and SPI.

I want to test this EAP

First, check out Preparing for Jira 8.0 for a summary of all breaking changes, then download this EAP.

If you use the maven.atlassian.com site to download your milestones, make sure you get milestone 4.0.0-m0029.

You can also find the Java API documentation here, and the REST API documentation here.

What’s next?

Next up is the beta, and as far as features go, it will have everything you can expect to find in Jira Service Desk 4.0. We expect general availability towards the end of January 2019.

I have feedback

You can post a comment here, and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. And if internal or vendor feedback highlights that more changes are needed (including breaking changes), then we’ll get it right, before we get it out.

Lachlan Goodhew-Cook
Senior Developer, Jira Service Desk Team