Jira Software Cloud Image used in Forge, do we need commercial license

Hello Team,

We are using Jira Cloud Issue Icons in our App, do we need commercial license for them?

We have premium license for our site and we are not sure if we need to procure the commercial license for the images used in the Forge App, please advise.

Thanks for your support.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @Raj,

Atlassian does not offer any commercial license for icons, which I think is a sufficient answer.

However, I think your question is effectively about our terms & conditions. I am not a lawyer and what follows is not legal advice. There are 2 documents that might apply:

I can’t see anything in the developer terms about images (neither that word, nor related terms). In the design license, we can find:

  1. License Grant. Subject to the terms of this License Agreement, Atlassian Pty Lty (“Atlassian”) grants you a limited, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license to use the Atlassian Design Guidelines (“ADG”) solely in connection with creating, testing, and distributing plugins, extensions, add-ons or other software products or services that interoperate or are integrated with Atlassian’s software and hosted products ( “Add-Ons” ).

It seems like your case is about using our design assets in an app, so you are allowed. That said, please review these terms in their entirety. The above is not exhaustive on the topic and there are additional specifications about how design elements should be used.

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