Jira Software/Confluence common public instances for testing

Hi Colleagues,

Sorry for a stupid question, but are there in the Atlassian Ecosystem any common public test Jira Software and Confluence instances with complex projects, boards, and roadmaps, connected to test Confluence instances etc., which can be used for integration testing of APIs and reporting models in Forge application? I’m trying to create several test projects and boards in Jira now, but it seems that I am re-inventing the wheel, when, maybe there is a possibility to use already created Jira Software/Confluence instances for this purpose.

I wonder if ‘One Atlassian’ (demo instance with pre-populated projets) would be a good fit for test purposes… Have you tried it?


Hi @BertrandDrouhard1 ,

Thank you for your information!
Is “One Atlassian” demo instance awailable only for Atlassian Partners, or there is a way to use it without gaining this status?

I think that you must have at least 1 paid app on the Marketplace to get it. I made a request 2 weeks ago to get a One Atlassian cloud environment, but still no answers from the support.