Jira Software next-gen projects are getting new modules

We have started experimenting with new modules for next-gen projects. While it was already possible to extend the issue details view, we are adding new integration points for apps on the boards and backlogs. It is now possible to add a button to both the board and the backlog in next-gen projects.

See the documentation for more details.

If you have extended the classic project boards before, you might have used a web section that renders as a drop-down menu. We have decided to use buttons only for now.

The public REST API works with next-gen projects, but we are aware of its limitations. See this topic for more details.

Both the APIs and the new modules are likely to change in the future. If you have any questions or feedback, please share it here!


Aww yissss! :star_struck:

My customers were asking for this for such a long time!

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Hey @mvarga
is there any chance of seeing sprint-move-actions any time soon?

There is this issue, but apparently it’s not getting any attention:

Maybe fellow vendors could vote it up a bit?

Please vote on any features you would like to see. There’s plenty to do and it certainly helps us with priorities!