Jira Software REST API can not get all the sprints?

Hi, good morning from Spain.
I have been in contacto with the support team of Atlassian, and It looks like the platform has a problem with /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint.
At this moment, the list is limited, and we can not get all the sprints.
Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Hi, good afternoon from Canada
It works for me, I have to loop until the field isLast in the response equals True.
I can’t use maxResults, it doesn’t work, so response have always 50 items until the last one.

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Hello @LuisJordnMuoz

I can confirm what @fantv says, that the /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint endpoint is working exactly as per the documention.

I can get all the sprints in a board, in sets of 50, until isLast is true

Hi @fantv and @sunnyape
Yes, it’s workink perfectly using the pagination.
Thanks for your answers.