JIRA Time Spent Attribute Returning Null

Hi everyone,

I’m using jira api to extract info about the tickets created. I used to extract data for a field called ‘Time Spent’ which was working fine and was getting me with correct results. But somehow, from August, 2023 I started getting Null value for the tickets irrespective of the created time, all my tickets are returning Null for this field. Also, those tickets which have returned correct value in the past are also returning Null value. Is there something that has been changed?

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@MridulGupta1 when you look at the value of the field within Jira itself, is it also returning ‘null’ as the value? or is there a value stored in Jira?

Hi @mpaisley ,
I queried the tickets using JQL in jira and it is showing me the value for the column named “Time Spent”. In the ticket it only shows “time tracking” and there is no field like “time spent”. Earlier I used to get the value from jira api for “time spent” attribute in json format but now I’m getting null.

@mpaisley still waiting for your response. Did you get the chance to look?