Jira UI Kit component for Create Issue

I have been playing around with Forge. I am unclear how to do something.

Here is the context:
Currently it is possible to add content into the IssuePanel, in the Jira UI Kit components which works perfectly. I want similar content in the Create Issue but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. There is no Jira UI Kit Component for CreateIssue.

Use Case:
When creating a new issue, I want to ensure that users select an item from a dropdown or checkbox at the time of the creation of the issue. This information, I would save using the Storage API. I do not want to use a custom field for this.

Is there any plan for adding a Jira UI Kit Component for Create Issues?

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Hi @FahadQureshi, why you do not want to use a custom field for this? Could you give us more context?

yes I could use it, but I want all functionality related to this app not modify the core data structure within Jira itself. The information related to this app should stay within the app. Bottom line, just to confirm, the CreateIssue view is not compatible with Forge, there is no UI component available like there is for IssuePanel?

You can always store data in app storage and use Forge custom fields just to render needed UI. Right now on the create issue view, we support only Forge Custom Fields we gather interest and use cases for adding UI components like panels.

Hi Jakub, how would we enable a Forge Custom Field on a Jira Create Issue view?