Jira.view.issue context overridding the conditional params value and conditional class

I am adding a webresource which should be loaded in Search Issue Page of JIRA but not in IE browser.

So I have added the param IEOnly <param name="ieonly" value="false"/> but the context jira.view.issue is overriding it and the resource is getting downloaded in IE too.

Tried adding conditional class instead of param ieonly. That too is getting overridden by the context.

How can we prevent this and load a web resource in Search Issue Page and not in IE ?

Hi @sanjeev.pande,

What version of IE are you testing this against? IE Conditional comments only work from IE5 to IE9. If this is not a browser version concern, how did you implement Condition#shouldDisplay in your condition class?


Hi @iragudo, I have tested on IE 11, and the conditional class was having a check on user-agent request header.

That seems to be the right path on how to do it. How are you retrieving the request object; via the JiraHelper parameter or ServletActionContext#getRequest (or something else)? To have a better grasp of what’s happening in the condition class, can you post the contents of your Condition#shouldDisplay? Please remove any sensitive information if there are any.


Hi @iragudo, I am now able to load the conditional class, the implementation was little wrong earlier.
But, is there any way to restrict the resources with “jira.view.issue” context to get downloaded automatically.
In that way we can avoid the use of conditional class.
Or is there any better approach to prioritize the loading of resources.