Jira webhooks arrive with incorrect jsdPublic

So, when I get a webhook from a comment being created, I receive the jsdPublic field. But, on private messages, it still comes in, via the webhook, as true.

If I then hit either the service desk endpoint, or the jira endpoint, jsdPublic is false (for that particular comment)

I’m attaching both comment webhook outputs, and the outputs from the jira endpoints for the same comment.

The files are json, but have .js extensions because security. And I can’t upload them because I’m new. Good times.

Making a gist instead: https://gist.github.com/CodeMonk/9cc63730d9e0e47a92bdcf982927b93a

@dave3 - can’t seem to reproduce that problem at the moment. How are you creating the comments? (i.e. by hand in the UI, programmatically, etc.)

Comments were added to the ticket from the GUI - and those are the payloads to my webhook.

In the gui, I was commenting from an admin address. Admin created the issue with raiseOnBehalfOf=codemonkey@espresive.com (not the admin user).

Here is the gui, showing that the last comment added was supposed to be internal:

I added a second internal note, and jsdPublic was properly set.

I added a second internal note, and jsdPublic was properly set.

Re: that comment above… so, does that mean it’s happening intermittently for you then?

Sorry, took me a while to get the rest of my code done for good reproduction.

jsdPublic is definitely intermittent. Seems to be randomly true for internally marked messages, but, messages that are not internal have never arrived with a false for jsdPublic.

tl;dr: Internal Only comments are randomly marked public.

Others are seeing it, too: Webhook response sending wrong info while adding internal/public comment - jsdPublic

We are having the same issue. It is definitely intermittent. Almost looks like flag is cached.