Join Early Access Program (EAP) for new Frame component

Hello Atlassian Developer Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of a closed Early Access Program (EAP) for a new component, Frame, as part of Forge UI.

For developers adopting UI Kit, there may arise a need to expand beyond its capabilities by integrating external JavaScript and CSS resources that are not part of UI Kit. As such, we are looking to the Frame component to meet the needs of UI Kit developers who want to use UI Kit but need more flexibility.

If you are interested in joining our EAP please reach out to us by commenting here or emailing me at We value your feedback and look forward to working together to improve the Forge UI developer experience.

Best regards,
Jemma Swaak


Is the Frame component an iframe?

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Not sure what that means as it has little information, but just as feedback:
A new Forge component that targets marketplace vendors and seems to be so relevant it justifies its own EAP, likely would have been a good candidate for an RFC.

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Yes that’s right.

Please add me. I’ve got a ton of ideas for this that I can try out!

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Hi, I’m interested in joining this EAP and hope that Frame could be the middle ground between UI Kit and bootstrapping own components in Custom UI.