Join us at Partner Accelerate during Team '23! Additional Event Discount Codes Now Available to Partners

Join us live in Las Vegas or digitally from anywhere as Team '23 returns on April 18-20, 2023. Attendees from around the globe will explore the ways in which teamwork, humanity, and tech intersect, and learn how Atlassian products and solutions can help unleash their team’s full potential.

We’re even more excited to host our exclusive in-person partner event, Partner Accelerate (formerly known as Partner Connect), for a full day of breakout sessions specifically for partners, including:

  • State of the Atlassian Marketplace
  • Cloud App Migrations
  • Security and Compliance
  • Marketplace Pricing and Marketing Best Practices
  • Relationship Building within Atlassian Partner Ecosystem

If you’re interested in joining us at Partner Accelerate in person on April 18th, 2023, leave a comment/reply below to inquire about discounted passes to Team '23.

Please note that there are only a limited number of discounted passes available, which will be prioritized for partners who don’t already have someone attending but are able to go. We’ll be sure to update the thread once all remaining discount codes have been allocated.

As a reminder, all Marketplace Partner content at Partner Accerlate will be recorded and is slated to be posted to Partner Portal following Team '23.

Qualifying Marketplace Partners can learn more about Partner Accelerate on the Partner Portal.


As a Team23 sponsor (which includes conference passes) - can we just attend the sessions?


Those sound like awesome sessions! I’d like to apply! When we attend digitally, do we have to ask for discounted passes? There are no “Conference add-ons” like showed on the Partner Portal, so, what steps do I need to do to gain access to Partner Accelerate digitally?

Thank you very much,
Adrien Ragot

PS: Also, how can we get your awesome tshirts and hats from Team’23? The ones sold on are not the good ones from the conf. Can you send some goodies over, after the conf? We can pay! We love those goodies, we wear them all the time, and it makes the Atlassian stock go up!

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@UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1 Yes, as long as you have a Team '23 pass, you will be able to attend Partner Accelerate.

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@aragot, Can you advise if you’d like to switch your digital pass to in-person? Unfortunately, the discount codes referenced above are for in-person only.

P.S. I will check internally to see how we handle excel t-shirts from the conference, but I don’t want to make any promises. It’s great to hear that you love the Atlassian swag.

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Hi Jasmine, we’ll attend remote, not in-person. We’re not looking for a discount (Team’23 digital is already free), can you just confirm whether we can attend Partner Accelerate remotely and whether an extra option is necessary?

We are also keen to Join remotely to Partner Accelerate. Would this be possible?

Interested to join in person

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@aragot, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, the sessions at Partner Accelerate will not be streamed live; however, all session recordings will be shared following Team '23.

cc: @aioceva

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Hi @JasmineGarrett - I’m interested in joining Partner Accelerate on April 18th, 2023. I already have my ticket for the Team '23 event (I’ll be in person attending).

Is it possible to apply to join these breakout sessions specifically for partners in the Partner Accelerate?


@JasmineGarrett I will be there and interested in the discount code. Please send to Thx and I’ll see you there.

@LorenzoPhillips Thanks for reaching out. The discount code is for a Team '23 pass. Do you already have this? You mentioned that you will already be there, so I wasn’t sure if you already purchased one.

@EduardoOliveira You are able to join Partner Accelerate for free as long as you have a Team '23 pass. You will be able to join any partner-specific breakout session of your choosing. The agenda will be published sometime next week.

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Great! Thanks for reaching out and providing more details @JasmineGarrett

Yes, I have one so that’s fine if I can’t take advantage of your discount code. :slight_smile: I’ll still see you there and will visit Accelerate.

@aragot I hope all is well. I wanted to circle back on your request regarding the Team '23 swag. Unfortunately, we will not have any t-shirts or hat swag at Team '23 this year as part of our sustainability initiative.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

@JasmineGarrett My company has been offering Atlassian services for three years now and achieved Gold status last year. We have never been able to attend any conferences, despite trying to get tickets to events in both the US and Europe. We would love to be a part of this important event and continue our growth in the Atlassian ecosystem. I know it’s last minute, but do you happen to have 2 tickets left? I would be extremely grateful for anything you can do for us!

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