Join us for the first ever Ecosystem Design Community virtual meet up!

The meet up is on Friday, 27 April from 10:00 - 11:30am PDT. We’ll send an agenda and video link soon, sign up for emails and calendar reminders here

This month we’re talking about design culture, including how other design teams work, influencing design in your team and organisation, and more. Come primed with a cup of coffee (a beer, mojito, or soda works, too!), and your thoughts, questions, and experiences.

A little background about our new community

We made this community because we’ve been seeing more and more designers working for vendor companies attending our events. But we want to emphasise that this community is for UX designers, technical writers, researchers, front-end developers, and anyone who is interested building their design skills.

Many of us work in isolation. We recognise how hard it is to work in an environment where you don’t have access to like-minded people to bounce ideas off, get feedback on your work, and talk design. At Atlassian we have a (not perfect, but) pretty great design team and culture. We would like to foster the same sense of support and community that we have internally with the community. We’re all working in the same space, so let’s help each other out! The goal is for you all to feel supported by Atlassian and by each other. We also hope that creating a greater design presence in the Ecosystem community shows how important design is in creating market differentiation and boosting the overall quality of the marketplace. We’re ambitious.

This community is for you. So please give us your honest feedback, suggestions for content, and put your hand up to share something with the community. We will change and adjust the events as we go. We’ve never done this before, so it’s a learning experience for us all.


To start, we’ll be hosting monthly meet ups and holding additional in-person activities during events like App Week, Summit, and Atlas Camp. We’re a globally distributed group, so we’ll move the meet up time each month to cater to different timezones. We’ll do our best to reach the majority. All meet ups will be recorded, so even if you miss one you can catch up later.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And please pass this on to your coworkers and friends.

See you online soon!