JQL Autocomplete in Forge Custom UI

I’m creating a JQL Autocomplete field for my Custom UI runs on React.

I already tried with @deviniti/jql-autocomplete-input and it works, but quite slow, and the HTML autocomplete attribute is NOT disabled (as in the picture).

My question is: Does Atlassian provide any mechanism to simplify it as the JIRA.JQLAutoComplete did in the Server version? If not, will you provide it in the future?
And does anyone have a better solution for this?

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Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen,

At the moment we don’t have it on our roadmap (as any other Jira-specific components to be used within apps). And it is hard to predict when they get added to the roadmap. So for now, the best way to go forward is to implement one and share it with the community.


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Here’s the issue you may track: