JQL Custom Function limitations in Connect app

We are currently developing JQL functions for our Connect app, however due to the nature of its data (highly dynamic and constantly changing) we have some concerns:

  1. Is there any way to shorten the 7 days evaluation interval? Or evaluate each function whenever requested? We calculate that evaluating each function in runtime will be more efficient than updating its precomputed values every time a piece of data changes, as this happens much more frequently
  2. Is there any way to know when a precomputation has been deleted? We looked for a webhook but didn’t found one that serves this purpose
  3. When updating the content of a precomputation, is the 7 days interval also reseted? Or is only the last used timestamp considered for the precomputation deletion? We fear that updating a precomputation may keep it alive forever even if it isn’t used for a long time

Hi @JooPedroCoimbraMarti, thank you for reaching out!

  1. Calling an app to evaluate a function may be slow, which significantly affects the overall JQL performance. We decided to introduce precomputations to mitigate this problem and unfortunately, we can’t allow apps to omit them.
    I understand that an app’s data is dynamic and changes frequently, but from the Jira end-user perspective, it may introduce a slowdown in executing JQL queries.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no webhook for this purpose. Why do you need it? Is there a specific scenario in your app that requires such information? Once a function that had its precomputation deleted is evaluated again, the app will be contacted to compute a fresh result, and a new precomputation will be stored.

  3. Updating the precomputation value doesn’t affect the 7-day interval. When we delete precomputation, we check only the used timestamp, which indicates when the precomputation was evaluated last time.

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