JQL Newbie: How to request field "fixVersions" NAME attribute via REST?

Given the following BODY for the associated POST call:

{"jql":"fixversion in dueVersions('PROJECTNAME')","startAt":0,"maxResults":100,"fields":["fixVersions"]}

With the following RESPONSE:

    "expand": "schema,names",
    "startAt": 0,
    "maxResults": 100,
    "total": 15,
    "issues": [
            "expand": "operations,versionedRepresentations,editmeta,changelog,renderedFields",
            "id": "1851",
            "self": "http://server.domain:port/rest/api/2/issue/1851",
            "key": "JIRASTORY-675",
            "fields": {
                "fixVersions": [
                        "self": "http://server.domain:port/rest/api/2/version/10100",
                        "id": "10100",
                        "description": "Sprint 29 and 30",
                        "name": "v2018.05.30",
                        "archived": false,
                        "released": false,
                        "releaseDate": "2018-05-29"

Question: is it possible via REST to specify in the JQL to only return the value for the attribute “name”? Meaning, all I need is the value “v2018.05.30” and not any of the other attributes or associated values.