JQL query incorporating Active Objects

Is there a built-in syntax for specifying a selection criteria using AO in JQL?
For example: project = FOO and “AO_A3B47_MYTABLE.column_name” contains “some text”
or do I have to write a module in a custom plugin?

They interact with 2 different data stores: JQL is essentially just a wrapper around Lucene while AO is a wrapper around the database. In order for you to provide your data in JQL, you can go one of two ways:

If your data is around the issue object, then a custom field is probably the better approach, otherwise take a look at the jql function.

I’ve used jQL functions to great success while retrieving records from the AO database.

OK. I have written JQL modules to provide users an abstraction from a complex query. Doing so for AO will not be difficult. I was just curious since AO is relatively ‘baked-in’ and did not find any ‘baked-in’ mechanism to query. Thank you.

Good luck, be sure to ask any questions along the way if you need to! :slight_smile:

Just had a thought, another option would be to index your details against Issue Properties. This would allow another mechanism to add data for querying.

Yes, thanks. I have used that approach as well, and like that it works with JQL. Yet, our data model in some cases has a many-to-many relationship which begs for a separate table. And we have a requirement to be able to query the data via SQL from a datamart.

Yeah, I agree. I’ve only found properties minutely helpful; Typically I am attaching ‘lists’ to issues, and properties don’t support arrays, I haven’t found them to be very helpful.

Is there any drawback in storing a Custom Field’s data in AO? It seems that’s what you are doing, so have you met any issue with that?

If you have a field store the data in the field. In my case a field was not suitable so I created a AO table and a JQL function to return issues appropriately.

I’ve seen some funky generated queries so possibly consider how large data sets will behave.

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