JQL returning all issues (not filtering)


  • Using Atlassian cloud
  • Using POST /rest/api/3/search
  • Really experienced with JQL in-JIRA
  • Just getting started with my first API app

We have several projects in our instance. AMP, PMP, DES, etc.

An example POST JSON:
{“jql”:“project = AMP order by rank”,“startAt”:0,“maxResults”:50,“fields”:[“issuekey”],“expand”:[],“validateQuery”:“strict”}

The response

  • Returns issues with keys from all projects (AMP, PMP, DES, etc).
  • Shows the “total” that seemingly is all issues in our system, not just AMP.
  • Always returns the same issues in the same order no matter what my JQL is

This example tried to search by project, but it doesn’t seem to matter which field I limit it by. Status, assignee, etc.

I feel like there’s something obvious I’m missing. Can you point it out to me please? :slight_smile:

Found the solution. Apparently I was making requests via http rather than https

Seems like I wasn’t the only one doing this.