JQL returning all issues

I am facing a weird issue with Forge since yesterday where the JQL results are not matching

/rest/api/3/search?jql=reporter in organizationMembers("GBS") OR reporter = "qm:d9d879d4-05b6-4eee-b93e-2e15c7cb337f:3830d79c-7c7f-4cce-8de5-876bc2bdb931"

The result via JQL search on the instance returns me 13 issues ( which is correct)
whereas calling via Forge API returns 79 issues ( all the issues in the instance)


Hi @ajay,

I could reproduce this behaviour in my test site as well. I’ve reached out to our developers to check what might be happening here.

Thanks for flagging this with us,

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@ccurti ,

Is there a Forge Jira issue created for tracking this bug?

Hi @ajay ,

Can you try to change the code to this and confirm that only the issues matching the JQL are returned?

const requestURL = route`/rest/api/3/search?jql=reporter in organizationMembers("GBS") OR reporter = "qm:d9d879d4-05b6-4eee-b93e-2e15c7cb337f:3830d79c-7c7f-4cce-8de5-876bc2bdb931"`;

const res = await api

I tested this today and it works for me, in this way the entire URL will be sent to Jira. This behaviour didn’t change on our end since some time so maybe the way requestURL was defined and used changed in the app code in the recent past.

About creating a tickets, we would normally create one once confirmed that it is a bug. That’s why I didn’t create one right away yesterday.

Hope this helps,

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